Filtratietechniek | Autoscreen

Continuous Screen Changers

We invented the AutoScreen concept of automatic continuous screen changing, with filter screens in the form of woven ribbons, in the 1960s. The AutoScreen is simple, compact and efficient. The AutoScreen has no motor, gearbox, hydraulics or pneumatics and has no moving parts at all except for the screen itself, so that there is virtually no wear. With no manual replacement of screen packs and breaker plates we have eliminated failures due to working with hot and sticky components under pressure of time.

The AutoScreen is now first choice for the production of blown and cast film, thermoformated products, expanded sections, oriented tapes, twines, rope, tubing and other products which benefit from uninterrupted extrusion and steady process conditions. With no electric motors or hydraulics - the only moving part in the AutoScreen is the filter itself - our screenchangers are compact; they can be accomodated in the crowded space around the dies of blowmoulding machinery and between the tiebars of injection moulding machines.

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