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Bound by tradition. Especially when tradition and future combine to create something new 'GEBHARD Electrow?me' is going to become the new company 'GC-heat' in 2002 More then 50 years of experience in the production and development of heating components will make bold new steps towards a better future. A future that will be determined by effectiveness and efficiency.

A future in which new ideas lead to new actions ? given the customer newer, more advanced, economic, practical and customer orientated products.

The results on the one hand is a comprehensive range of cartridge heaters and coil heaters, heating flanges and flow heaters or such innovative products as 'GC-flex' available for delivery at short notice.

Wilt u meer weten over de producten van GC-heat? Klik dan hier voor de website www.gc-heat.de. Onder de button 'Contact' kunt u een email versturen, zodat KPlus Kunststoftechniek op uw verzoek kan reageren.

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