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Total supplier for the polymer industry. The K stands for Plastics (Kunststoffen) with Plus in our name we want to carry out to offer a wide range of products used in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and polymer industries. Supported by many established companies you are assured by quality and service and you will appreciate the advance of our wide product range.

New Business unit Recycling4Plastics

We?ve recently noticed a strong demand for specialisation within the complete chain for Plastic Recycling. We created a new business unit within our formula to serve the recycling Industry with a complete range of machines and equipment to cover all steps in the complete recycling chain.

Throughout the years much experience has been gathered and where needed we are supported by our principals product specialists. This also enables us to offer the most optimal and profitable solution for our business relations. Synergy and knowledge are our key benefits.

Recycling4Plastics are experts in machinery for recycling in a wide range, machines for separation, baling, washing, downsize, granulation, smelt filtration, and material test equipment for quality control on pellets or end products are in our scope of supply.

Click on the logo Recycling4plastics for a brief explanation how to Recycle Plastics in 4 steps.

Experts in Recycling Machinery

Click on the logo Recycling4Glass, Paper, Textile of Metals for further information of Machinery & Equipment used for Recycling in these sectors of Industry.


If you require more information, request for quotation, or documentation in particular, please don?t hesitate to contact us. Sent your request by email, or contact us directly.

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